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An oxygen concentrator utilizes a battery that plugs into an outlet to receive, filter, and distribute air. Traditional oxygen tanks are heavier and bulkier than these devices. For individuals who require more oxygen, they might lead to a more active lifestyle.

Why oxygen concentrator used in oxygen therapy?

Air generally consists of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen.

If anyone you know, who might have these levels of oxygen in their blood, there’s no need to worry.

- Avinash Gupta

For people, having low levels of oxygen is encountered with issues like low oxygen in their bloodstream. There is equipment available in the market known as an oxygen concentrator, whose primary work is to take normal air and convert 90% to 95% in pure oxygen. The structure of the oxygen concentrator is comprised of a compressor, which increases the flow of oxygen and restricts the movement of nitrogen from its filters.

The purified oxygen is then transported through hose pipes from the plant to the patient's lungs via nostrils. The nitrogen then releases into the environment.

Home oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen concentratorsare the two types of oxygen concentrators available. The size, weight, flow, power, and capacity of these devices vary.

Oxygen therapy technology has come a long way

Have you been diagnosed with lung disease, cystic fibrosis, sleep apnea, asthma or COPD? Do you have a low amount of oxygen in your blood? If this is the case, your doctor may advise you to take supplementary oxygen. Previously, the only oxygen devices available were large tanks or cylinders, which restricted mobility and may even be harmful.

Fortunately, oxygen treatment has progressed significantly. Those who require more oxygen may now select from a variety of home and portable oxygen concentrator solutions. We will go over the basics of how oxygen concentrators operate and pick the right one for your requirements.

Types and importance of oxygen concentrators in oxygen therapy

You are probably wondering what the purpose of an oxygen concentration is? An oxygen concentrator can be used for various reasons, and physicians might suggest oxygen treatment to their patients for a variety of medical issues. Normally, your lungs take oxygen from the air and transport it to your bloodstream.

If you are recently had bloodwork or pulse oximetry done to check your oxygen saturation levels and were found to have low levels, your doctor may suggest two types of oxygen therapy:

1. Short term oxygen therapy

2. Long term oxygen therapy

Short term oxygen therapy

Short term oxygen therapy is frequently required for acute disorders. These circumstances are usually only present for a short time. They may have a rapid onset of symptoms as opposed to chronic diseases that develop over time.

Long term oxygen therapy:

On the other hand, some respiratory or chronic diseasesnecessitate long term oxygen therapy.

Acute conditions that need the use of an oxygen concentrator

A few examples of acute illnesses that might necessitate the use of an oxygen concentrator for short term oxygen treatment:


Asthma is a disorder in which your airways get inflamed and produce a lot of mucus, making breathing difficult. While there are various medications that may be used to treat and manage asthma, an oxygen concentrator can deliver high amounts of oxygen to patients' bloodstream while they are experiencing or have previously had an asthma attack.


Pneumonia is an illness that causes inflammation in one or both of your lungs air sacs, which, in many cases, causes them to fill with fluid. Many pneumonia patients have been administered oxygen therapy, and their clinical results have been positive.

Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)

Respiratory distress syndrome is a respiratory condition that mostly affects babies, especially those delivered six weeks or more before their due date. RDS causes newborns to produce insufficient surfactant (a lung coating liquid), causing their lungs to collapse and making breathing more difficult. Oxygen treatment, which involves the use of oxygen concentrators, helps to pump oxygen concentrators, helps to pump oxygen into the newborns’ bloodstream and lungs, reducing the risk of additional problems.

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)

RDS-affected newborns are at an increased risk of developing BPD. This is a serious lung ailment that needs long-term breathing assistance.

You may require oxygen for a short length of time following surgery in some instances.

Avinash Gupta as a writer of oxygen concentrator

According to Avinash Gupta, an oxygen concentrator is a uniquemedical equipment that eliminates nitrogen from a source, essentially air, purifies the residual gas, and creates an oxygen gas stream. Two widely utilized approaches are pressure swing adsorption and membrane gas separation. Oxygen concentrators, Avinash Gupta, claims, remove nitrogen from the air in the room. The technique generates higher oxygen concentrations, which are necessary for oxygen therapy.

Moreover, according to Avinash Gupta, oxygen concentrators can be large and permanent or small and portable, and they came in a range of sizes and forms. Concentrators differ from tanks or other containers that distribute oxygen because they use electrical pumps to concentrate the continual supply of oxygen that comes from the surrounding air.


Oxygen concentrators are less hazardous than oxygen cylinders in the long run. This makes them especially suitable for outdoor use. They are also trustworthy enough to provide to patients at home. This gadget eliminates the troubles of having to replace cylinders regularly. This help to keep the expense of providing oxygen to patients under control. The durable medical equipment sector has quickly accepted the device's use and production.

Oxygen concentrators are live-saving devices that supply oxygen in a convenient and effective manner to those who cannot get enough oxygen on their own. Filtering, treating, and compressing the ambient air in any place before providing only oxygenated air to those who require it are the functions of these devices.

However, before acquiring or using one for yourself, you should consult with a physician. The greatest person to assist you in understanding what you need and how to utilize it is a qualified doctor.

Written by: Avinash Gupta

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