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How do Oxygen Concentrators help with COVID-19? | Avinash Gupta

Oxygen concentrators are medical devices that are bigger than computer monitors. As the covid-19 keeps on spreading, oxygen cylinders got short in many countries. Scientists developed this machine Oxygen Concentrator which is nowadays very popular among patients going through this disease. This is used by many people for oxygen therapy in isolation.

It absorbs oxygen from environmental air and converts it intooxygen. Air has 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen; this medical device takes in the air and filters the air. Then it filters out the nitrogen and works on the oxygen which is left.

It produces 90-95 percent pure oxygen. These are made for continuous operations. An oxygen concentrator can provide oxygen 24 hours a day.

It’s a simple machine that makes oxygen through a process. These are very popular in hospitals too. It is very different from normal oxygen cylinders; there is no refilling in this machine as it makes its oxygen and provides you. It can move around with ease.

Usage of oxygen concentrator

Avinash Gupta says there are some things you need to keep in mind when using the oxygen concentrator:

• The room should be well-ventilated because the Oxygen Concentrator needs a constant flow of air inside it. Open all the doors and windows so they can work properly.

• If there is a lot of fluctuation in your oxygen saturation and it goes below 94, then you need to go to a hospital where they will provide you medical treatment and control the oxygen level.

• If you are isolating at home, then remember to use the device with pruning. It is a popular medically accepted position that helps to breathe with comfort.

Kinds of oxygen concentrators

There are two kinds of Oxygen Concentrator available in the market, one is a Portable Unit and the second one is a Home Unit. Portable oxygen concentrators do not need any power source; they can be moved around. It provides a very limited role to treat patients having a low level of oxygen.

Home units need a power source to run. This device is more preferred than the portable one. It will provide you continuous oxygen flow, which is very important for a low oxygen level patient.

Covid-19 and oxygen concentrators

Covid-19 is an ongoing new disease that is spread in the whole world. This is a pandemic that has killed a lot of people in 2 years. Most people have died because of the limited health facilities; several people were not treated because there were no ventilators left. You should know that ventilator support is a must thing for the patient to survive.

Extra oxygen is very important for the treatment of this disease Covid-19, but due to the massive spread of this disease, many people have been deprived of this limited ventilation.

Oxygen supply can be increased using oxygen cylinders and Oxygen Concentrator. This equipment provides oxygen flow through a mask. Patients who are affected by it and are in the worst condition will require medical assistance; theywill need a lot of oxygen because this disease affects your oxygen system and lowers it.

For Covid-19 patient’s oxygen is essential. Many people having Covid-19 disease have generated severe pneumonia and distress syndrome in their bodies. This is why they need a proper expository pressure level for their body to breathe properly.

Oxygen Concentrator and cylinders have reduced the cases; this is a good strategy that has helped many people during this pandemic.

How is the oxygen concentrator helping?

There was research in 2015 revealing that many hospitals in the world have limited resources and have a lack of oxygen supply. The most common include this oxygen concentrator; this device has helped many patients recover by providing oxygen and making their saturation normal.

Oxygen Concentrator provides pressurized oxygen to the patients. This oxygen flow is 95% pure and reaches safely to the patient. It is easy to use and can be moved around. This device is a lifesaving machine. There is no issue using this device as it provides purified oxygen from environmental air.

Oxygen Concentrator can run without any power supply, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to change the filters regularly. There are different models of an oxygen concentrator, some are suitable for hot climates, and some are for cold weather. This is an important factor; choose the model which you think can work without any problem, such as poor oxygen supply. World health organization has worked a lot on providing oxygen concentrators to hospitals because it has a living saving impact on patients during this pandemic.

In Covid-19, oxygen concentrators have saved many lives; these devices provide an oxygen supply of up to 6 Liter per minute. This Flow rate is enough to normal the oxygen level of Covid-19 affected patients. These were available in hospitals, where patients were given a centralized oxygen supply in ICUs. This device was the best for a good rate of oxygen supply. It is a lifesaving gift for people who were recovered from Covid-19.

Avinash Gupta

Avinash Gupta is a writer who writes about oxygen concentratorsand covid-19. He has provided us a lot of knowledge regarding Covid-19. Avinash Gupta’s unique writing skills made us follow some simple rules to save ourselves from Covid-19.

Avinash Gupta has also donated oxygen concentrators to people who could not afford them; he is a man of honor. People are thankful to him for providing his services through writing and donating.

Avinash Gupta has explained the Covid-19 situation in a brilliant way of his own; He provided us with Oxygen Concentrator technique, which saved many lives.


Philanthropist Avinash Gupta says during Covid-19, Equipment such as Oxygen Concentrator and oxygen cylinders have saved a lot of lives.

Management should ensure that they have enough sources for oxygen supply for the affected patients. Patients having covid-19 develop respiratory pain, and then they require Oxygen Concentrator to maintain their oxygen level.

Oxygen concentrators have reduced the high death rate by 50%, which is quite a good percentage. These should be made more so that everyone gets proper medical assistance with oxygen supply. Management should also provide free Oxygen Concentrator to people who can’t afford them; they can send these to their homes so they can self-isolate themselves.

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